Tips from a game master

Tips from a game master

Submitted by Hatch on Fri, 02/08/2019 - 12:31pm

1. Keep your eye on the clock, but don't get overwhelmed.

     -  An hour is not as long or as short as you think!

2. Don't be afraid to ask for a clue early!

  • Sometimes a good clue early on can really help to get the ball rolling in an escape room. A clue when you feel like you have really hit a tough wall can really be a boost!

3. Make a plan! Set roles for team members.

  • In any high-pressure environment with an ultimate goal at the end, a group works better if you discuss beforehand certain roles. If there is a leader, they should try to stay big picture and keep track of what everyone has been working on and how it pieces together. If you are a brainiac, make a plan that if a particular puzzle is stumping someone that they can give it to you to study so they do not waste valuable time. And finally, if you are someone who enjoys searching and finding, you can be responsible for going over the room with a fine tooth comb. 


  • Teamwork is absolutely vital when solving puzzles, clues, and mysteries. The larger the team in an escape game the more important good team communication is!

5. Keep your eyes on the prize

  • What this means is simply is that when you are doing an escape room remember to keep working toward the ultimate goal, don't get bogged with a puzzle that you can not solve. The clock is always ticking.


Good luck with your next game!