Boyd Schoolhouse | 60-MINUTE ADVENTURE

Boyd Schoolhouse | 60-MINUTE ADVENTURE

Boyd's Schoolehouse
Boyds schools is now open!

Boyd's Schoolhouse is coming down, unless you can stop it?

You are probably wondering why I have gathered you here today. I need your help. As you know our organization was formed in secret to stop the ACME corporation and their secret evil plan. Their leader Dr. Blackard is ruthless and will stop at nothing. 

     It is now the 11th hour of our game. The final piece of the puzzle for ACME is the land that Boyd’s schoolhouse sits on. Dr. Blackgaard was fed up with the views from his lake house being ruined by the Amish Walleye fishing. He hatched a secret plot and is using Berlin Township's Eminent domain to seize the land and plans to demolish the school. The land is on the exact geographic location for the lake Erie and Ohio river watershed. It's the last piece he needs for his secret plan to dam every county in a line between PA and Indiana creating a major water shortage. Dr. Blackard asked nicely so the Canadians immediately surrendered lower Ontario to Dr. Blackgaard to dam, the only thing standing in his way is Boyd’s Schoolhouse. With it demolished he can hold Ohio ransom or else lake Erie will run dry. And there certainly will be no more Walleye fishing. 


        It was rumored to be a stop on the underground railroad, with a hidden entrance but no one remembers how to find it. We just found old Dennis Boyd’s Journals, he claims that the old school was once a stop on the underground railroad. And he claims he wanted to stop his students from sneaking in to smooch so he designed a puzzle to hide its existence. If you can find your way in and prove that it was an underground railroad, we can get it on the national register of historic places which would mean that it is protected by law and they would not be able to destroy it.


Be careful Dr. Blackgaard's men are everywhere, Now you need to hurry, I found a construction worker loyal to our organization.  He will sneak you in after the building's final inspection and buy you 75 minutes, good luck and remember, everyone, is counting on you! 


PLAYERS | 2-14

TIME | 75 minutes


This game is great for first-timers and veterans alike! Like all of our rooms, you will require no outside knowledge to complete this room. 

Our games are perfect for a friends night out, team building events, and special occasions.