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PLAYERS | 2-12

AGES | 8-80


ARRIVE | 10-15 Early

GAME TIME | 60 Minutes

TOTAL TIME | 75-85 Minutes




Enjoyed by 1st Timers & Enthusiasts


PRICE | $30/person

PRIVATE ROOM | $300.00


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Panthers Hollow | TRAILER
The Legend...

You’ve heard the story of Panther’s Hallow, haven’t you? This is a real place in Holmes County. The legend goes that way back when a circus was going through on the historic port Washington road, two black panthers jumped out and dashed into the deep woods. A small boy whose name is long forgotten jumped out and ran after them.

Abandoned the boy was adopted by a local family, Earl & Grace Conrad. Over the years many myths and legends grew and surrounded the mysterious hollow. He became a recluse, not wanting to speak to anyone.

One day, you and your friends wander into an old barn near Panther's Hollow. You enter cautiously... the door slams shut behind you. Your trapped. You look around and realize, there is a lot more to this old barn than meets the eye. Can you and your friends work together to solve the mystery of Panther's Hollow... or will you become another mystery in the legend?

We did the Panthers Hollow room last night and had such a blast! It was everyone’s first time doing an escape room and we escaped with a minute left. The room was well detailed and the staff was very friendly. You’ll have to check out this place!!

Josh T

Best Escape room around. The Staff really care about your group and make sure that you have a great time. The Rooms are difficult to make it a real challenge but yet not too difficult to make it impossible or just not fun. You will be sure to have a blast and Berlin Escape room is a great team building exercise.

Kendrick B

Best escape room I've been to 👌🏼 great clues and gamemaster. Would definitely recommend. And oh yeah, we crushed it.

Eugene M. North Carolina
What People are Saying...

We did the Panther Escape Room and had a blast! This was our first escape room experience and this is definitely a good one for any experience level. We had fun, the room was set up well, it was challenging enough to be fun, and our game master (I think that's what they're called) was just helpful enough to get us unstuck. We are already planning our next Berlin Escape Room experience!

Jessica Houser

Awesome experience for our first time doing an escape room. Our (two mom's, and three girls) successfully completed the Panther room. We got affirmation when we got something right through interactive TV's and help only when we needed it. 10/10 would recommend and would do again!!!

Kaci Jago

I have been to several Escape Rooms and this is by far one of the BEST!. If you are heading to Berlin, be sure and schedule an hour trying to escape Panthers Hollow..

Dumeta Colegrove

Thank you guys for hosting us for my buddy Jacob and his bachelor party! It was such a great time!

Joshua Clodfelter

GREAT!! We had 5 Grandchildren 15-13 yrs of age. They absolutely loved the challenge. This was our first time in an escape room and we knew it could be difficult. The Host was very helpful and prepared us for some of the challenges. We would love to return when they get their new room finished.

Sherry MacKay