Looking for the perfect employee day out?

4 Benefits of taking your work team to an escape room!

Looking for the perfect employee day out?

Submitted by Hatch on Fri, 02/08/2019 - 12:22pm
4 Benefits of taking your work team to an escape room!

Looking for the perfect employee day out?

Is the work day feeling more like a marathon than a sprint?  Berlin Escape Room offers the perfect opportunity to shake things up! Berlin, Ohio's first escape room offers an easy and simple solution to break up the monotony of the daily work routine. This Ohio escape game is nestled in scenic Holmes County Ohio and offers a welcome break to the office or workshop!


1.  Helps Team communication

If you can’t communicate about the puzzles, locks, and clues in the escape room you simply won't escape! Solving the mysteries and mind benders give any team practical experience of working together that translates into the workplace!

2.  Improves critical thinking skills

An escape room creates the environment with the pressure of a ticking clock to help your team learn to make, quick, focused and smart decisions while working together. 

3. Develops leadership

Any team works best united with a leader. An escape game gives hands-on experience for a group to come together and as one accomplish more. Just like in business there is an opportunity during the 1-hour long game for leaders to communicate, listen, and direct the members of the group to solve the ultimate puzzle, getting out.

4. Improves Team Morale

Pitted against the room your team will naturally bond together! Out of office camaraderie is the perfect opportunity to get closer to one another and give the whole team a boost! The immersive puzzle solving experience is just what any team needs.

The often euphoric experience of getting out instinctively draws teammates together and forms a connection that is now bigger than work. They have a personal memory of a shared positive experience together that translate to continued success at work. 

For more information on an employee day out at Berlin Escape Room contact us at berlinescaperoom@gmail.com