When you meet your friends on the way the Berlin Escape Room - Berlin, Ohio

"Our family (kids age 8, 10, 12) really enjoyed solving the "Panther's Hollow" room, solving one intriguing puzzle after another, it was great working together as a team. Staff was friendly and helpful. Our kids absolutely loved it, they were very involved the entire time. It was a great value for the experience. Having visited multiple escape rooms in big cities like LA, this small town escape room is just a good if not better, for half the cost of what we normally pay for escape rooms. Definitely will be back when they open the second room!"

KM - Ohio

"This was awesome. Iโ€™ve been to 10+ escape rooms and I have to say this one was the most well done, challenging, and creative. I was really pleased with how many puzzles there were to solve- glad we had a full hour to do it! Will be back when there are new rooms! Sophie was a great helper too :)"


"We had a great time and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something fun to do in Amish Country. Room was very well done...felt like you were in a barn. Just enough hints/clues to be challenged but not frustrated. Looking forward to the second room!"

Jeanine S.

Totally worth going to! Great place to work your brain. Don't let the one hour fool you, you will have plenty of things think about in there! It was totally EPIC! SO going back when the next room comes. Hint: use teamwork or you're sunk! Great management as well! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Jaden H

This place is awesome! Great time for families! There were multiple rooms, multiple locks, ans multiple clues for the "Escape-room challenged" ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Jessica M

Epic place!! The best entertainment!! Great Staff! Definitely be back when the new room opens!! My best tip for first timers .. use TEAMWORK!! You take your friends with for a reason!

Dean Y

It was one of the best escape rooms Iโ€™ve been too. They went into a lot of thought and planning when they created the escape room. We had a blast with our friends and canโ€™t wait until they add another room for us to try!

Josh T

Very legit!! This is an awesome place to go if you have smart friends! ๐Ÿ˜‰ You won't believe you were there for a hour! Staff was great - we all loved it!

Weston H

This was our first experience in an Escape Room... It was awesome and a ton of fun!


Russel H

They said if I give them 5 stars they would let me out of the room.

Highly recommend!ย 

Andre Y

Best Escape room around. The Staff really care about your group and make sure that you have a great time. The Rooms are difficult to make it a real challenge but yet not too difficult to make it impossible or just not fun. You will be sure to have a blast and Berlin Escape room is a great team building exercise.

Kendrick, B

We booked The List and it was amazing!!! It was so good we ended up booking The Panthers Hollow the following night! The owner was amazing and even agreed to came in the second night just for us!! If you havenโ€™t done an escape room, give it a try!! They are amazing!!!

Traci C

We loved the Berlin Escape Room! Definitely worth the price. It was very challenging and made us work together to figure it out. Great evening of fun!

Natalie T

I have been to several Escape Rooms and this is by far one of the BEST!. If you are heading to Berlin, be sure and schedule an hour trying to escape Panthers Hollow

Dumeta C

We had an epic fail but enjoyed every minute. Thanks for a clean, fun filled, locked away experience!

Jason S

Our family had an amazing time! The puzzles are challenging and they are diverse enough to engage adults and kids alike. The staff is friendly and they made sure we had a great time!

Ryan H

So much fun! The experience was very detailed and in-depth but we always instantly had help if we needed it. Logan was very nice and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

Kristen B, Ohio